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Study Help Tips for Business & Finance Students

Exams just around the corner? Don’t panic! Here are a few tips for getting through it all…

Start by drafting a clear study schedule. This should include details of what you need to study and the dates you need to have learned it by. Set aside time for revision of key subjects and be sure to go back to things at the end to make sure they’ve sunk in.

Making notes…

Don’t just copy things out the textbook. Jazz it up a bit! Use sticky notes and spider diagrams to make your revision more dynamic. Colour-coding notes by topic or module can be fantastic way to visualise your revision and get it to stick in your head.

Finance and business courses are full of specific terminology that’s essential to learn if you want to pass your exams (and if you want a job in business and finance when you graduate then terminology and jargon is something you’ll have to get used to…). Making sticky notes with definitions of vocabulary and placing them around the walls of your room is a useful way to continuously jog your memory.

Revise with your peers…

A problem shared is a problem halved, and if you’re studying for a particular business or finance qualification, there are always plenty of other people who are taking the same course as you. Consider joining a study group or online discussion board to share ideas or talk to people who have already taken the exam.

Trying to teach other people about the subject you’re studying is also a great way to make it stick in your mind – there’s no better way of understanding a topic thoroughly than having to explain it to someone else.

Mock test papers…

Practice makes perfect, and taking mock tests is an essential part of familiarising yourself with the types of questions asked in exams, and making sure you’ve covered all the content in the papers.

If they’re available, it’s also worth looking at mark schemes and seeing exactly what examiners are looking for. Having a better idea of the assessment criteria for each paper makes it much easier when it comes to writing answers.

Performing well under the stress of the conditions is one of the hardest things to overcome. Have a go at completing mock exams under the same circumstances you would expect in the real thing. This is perhaps even less fun then the real thing, but really helpful if you want to get a feel for the exam, or practise how best to manage your time. Find a quiet place with a desk and sit continuously until you get hand cramp, or your clock runs out. And no talking!

By Nile Davies,

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