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Using Social Media to Find a Finance Career

Today’s job search has taken on a rather digital twist. Using social media to find your job one way to bolster up your application.

First of all, a word of warning…

You might be surprised (and perhaps a little bit scared) to know that employers do often have a peek at their prospective job candidates on social media networks. With this in mind, it’s so, so important that you are careful about what you publish online about yourself, other people or stories in the news. You could find yourself in a bit of a pickle – and at the very least not on an interview shortlist!

You want to radiate ‘employable’ when recruiters check you out online. An image of you with kebab strewn across your face after a heavy one or videos of you taking part in the latest daft internet craze in all honestly isn’t going to help your case in the graduate job hunt. And particularly if you want to break into banking and finance – one of the most competitive fields going! (Note: Your street cred may also take a battering…)

Just use your head and think: what might this look like to someone on the outside? Is this how I want to present myself as a top-class job candidate? Simple! Time to spruce up your online image…

‘Mould’ your professionalism

LinkedIn is a great way to start to build that thing that all confident, successful professionals in business and finance have: that elusive ‘personal brand’. Your online profile on professional networking sites like LinkedIn can be one of channel to make a great first impression on any recruiters out there cruising the web to find their impressive bunch of school leavers and graduates.

Social media and the personal brand 

Part of the personal brand starts with interaction with your chosen industry and recruiters via these social networks. ‘Like’ leading companies on Twitter and LinkedIn and start to follow what they’re up to as another way of improving your commercial awareness – essential if you want a job in finance.

You can also use your newsfeeds to soak up what’s new in your chosen industry and the opinions surrounding developments. It all helps towards making you a knowledgeable, well-rounded candidate, and recruiters can see who you’re following too. Pepper your profile with some sensible interaction on LinkedIn groups as well, and you’ll start to form an impression of yourself as an eager and switched on finance career candidate.

Be bold 

Don’t be afraid to connect with professionals in the industry you’ve met through careers fairs, Insight Days and Open Days too. What’s the worst that can happen? They don’t accept your request? You’ll find some out there that will! And it will only serve to reinforce your image as an eager, and ambitious candidate for roles at their companies. Be a networker from the start – it could really make the difference!

By Jos Weale, Editor, All About Finance Careers