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Finance Work Experience

To improve your chances of securing a graduate job in finance, it is pretty much essential to get some relevant work experience. Take a shufty at the articles below for some tip-top advice on getting some finance work experience and making the most of the opportunity.

Finance Work Experience Ideas

By Nathan Ladd, All About Finance Careers

Haven’t gone to university yet? Been there a year or two? Already left? If you’ve decided a finance career is for you then it’s time to get working on those finance work experience ideas…and then get applying! The reality is that competition for...

Why Should I Do Finance Work Experience?

By Jos Weale, Editor,

That statement, “You need to get work experience” often feels glaringly obvious. We’ve all heard it before, right? Perhaps so much so that it’s easy to take it for granted.   No one falls into a top finance or banking job these days; it really...

Can I Get Finance Work Experience as a Graduate?

By Jos Weale, Editor,

Don’t feel like you’ve passed your sell-by date as soon as you tick over into graduate territory if you haven’t bagged any work experience yet. There’s something you can do about it! Many internship opportunities in the finance industry are...

Route into Research: Bank of England

Written by a former Research Assistant at the Bank of England

Before I attended university I worked at the Bank of England as a research assistant for three years.  I did this initially to gain some valuable experience in the financial services industry, as well as earn money to support my family and save...

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