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Finance Societies

Being part of a finance society at university is a great idea. The really great ones can hook you up with career and networking opportunities, and put on some awesome socials and balls. Whether you’re looking to just join a finance society or start your own, take a look at the info below.

University Finance Societies - who should I join?

By Jack J Collins, Editor,

If you’re looking to get yourself into the top financial careers, you’re going to need real life experience and in order to give yourself some CV boosting extra-curricular stuff (all important in today’s climate), joining your Uni Finance Society...

Advantages of Joining a Finance Society

By Jos Weale, Editor,

You’re off to university and you have a gut feeling that you’d like to head into a finance career when you’ve graduated. So what can you do to help you along the way? One way of developing skills, knowledge and your network for a finance career...

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