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Choosing a University

Choosing a university is one of the most significant decisions you will make: for you and your career in finance. Forget “eeny, meeny, miny, moe”; read the articles below and make an informed decision.

What to Look for in a Business School

By Jos Weale, Editor,

Business schools at universities in the UK provide plenty of choice for an aspiring business and finance student. So much choice, in fact, that it can be tricky to decipher exactly which business school is going to be spot on for you! Here are a...

Choosing a University for a Future Finance Career

Choosing which university to go to is a toughy to say the least – and that’s before you even start to consider which universities finance recruiters may prefer to hire from. ‘Target’ universities… There have been some reports to suggest that in...

How to Prepare for a Business Course

By Nathan Ladd, Editorial Intern,

So you’ve got a place on a business course. First of all, congratulations! Now  this is where the real work begins! A business course can be your ticket into a very lucrative career path, as long as you get the most out of your course. Take it...

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