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To the untrained eye, technology in finance could still perhaps easily be overlooked as something that’s resigned to the basement or the back of the back office, merely to be called upon when there’s a problem with a system or such like. But hang about…this is the 21st century!

On the contrary: technology is at the cutting edge of driving business and banking forwards. It can be the difference between a bank making a heck of a lot of profit (or losing it!), a business making savings on a budget or protecting the business from security threats.

Technology jobs in finance are really flourishing, and recruiters are looking for the best graduates to take up these roles. And you don’t necessarily have to be an IT graduate to get involved!

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If they want to keep their finger on the pulse and hold onto market-leading positions, the technology modern businesses use has to be pioneering and efficient. And if it’s cost-effective too then that’s a mega bonus! Technology consultants are the ideas guys with in-depth knowledge of the options for their clients. They spend a lot of time with them to establish their needs and figure out the best solutions for them.


These highly skilled technical experts have the know-how when it comes to coding and development of specialised applications for the banking and finance industry. Investment banks look to hire the crème-de-la-crème of developer talent (usually graduates with technical expertise from degree subjects like physics, engineering or computer sciences.

There are further roles in this area that involve technical development and maintenance of the plethora of complex networks and systems that form a bank or financial institution’s infrastructure.

What’s more, banks, funds and financial services providers also have online services and a brand to shape and promote. As such, there are plenty of jobs around concerned with online and digital product development, as well as website development roles that work closely with brand managers and marketing teams.

Cyber Security

As new age as it sounds, this isn’t exactly Robocop…The cyber security teams that work in-house within banks, financial institutions and financial services providers, as well as the professional services teams that provide bespoke security advisory services for their clients, use their technical abilities, knowledge of hacker behaviour and understanding of risk exposure in various difference circumstances to protect the reams of private and confidential information they have stashed away in their data bases.

This isn’t just restricted to graduates with technical degrees; recruiters are interested to hear from graduates from disciplines like law or psychology too.

If technology is your bag then you can check out more on what you could do in the industry breakdown section and the jobs board!

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