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Advisory roles are indispensable in the world of finance! When running a business, there are literally mountains of complicated statistics, theories, laws, compliance regulations, risk elements, management issues, efficiency, cost reduction issues and more to contend with…Yikes!

Public and private sector businesses of all sizes, governments, venture capitalists (the Dragons’ Den investor types), High Net Worth Individuals (people with mega bucks) all need a helping hand in deciding what to do with their money to save it, maximise profits at various stages throughout the financial year (which runs April to April) and protect themselves from risk. In fact, individuals of all levels of wealth will need a helping hand with what to do with their personal finances too at some point along the line.

As such, you’ll find a lot of jobs in banking, business and finance incorporate a strong advisory element; and providing advice will be the whole focus of a good few roles! 

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Financial Advisers

Let’s take banking as an example: As a financial adviser at a bank, you may specialise in guiding individuals on a one-on-one basis on things like the best way to manage savings and possible investments and the different banking services and products available to them.

Alternatively, some financial advisers at banks can specialise in providing tailored advice to corporate clients, suggesting their best products and services to suit their business needs and financial goals.

The aim’s not necessarily to make a hard sell here; it’s about providing clients with trustworthy, accurate and genuine advice for their specific financial needs. Independent financial advisers provide unbiased advice on services and products from a whole range of providers out there.

Wealth management has its fair share of advisory roles too, whether that be in fiduciary services or as a wealth manager.

Consultancies & Professional Services

‘Advisory’ is often an umbrella term for a whole division within a consultancy or professional services firm with experts who will can provide advice practically any area they need like accounting processes, business strategy, technology and security, human resources and investment.

Research roles (for example private equity analysts and associates) form the foundations of advisory work. Consultants will often deliver the findings of their research and that of their teams to the client and combine the insights the research provides with their own top knowledge of the industry and market to provide the right sort of guidance.

It’s extremely likely you’ll work with people who have very little knowledge of your area of expertise as an adviser (that’s why they have summoned you skills!), so you’ll have to be able to deliver often complicated information quickly, succinctly and effectively to help your clients make the right choices as easily as possible.

Tax Advisers

Tax is a winding labyrinth of complex financial information, laws and loopholes; new investments, sales, inheritance, moving abroad or expanding business overseas can have a massive impact on the tax obligations of individuals and companies. The tax adviser is a sincere soul who can tell their clients exactly what they can expect to have to pay in terms of tax and advise on the most cost-effective ways of handling it.

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