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Wealth Management Jargon Buster

Advisory – In a wealth management context, advisory refers to services which provide financial advice on potential investments, money management, and risk management to clients.

Alternative assets – These are assets that aren’t shares and bonds or cash. It can refer to thinks like coins, art collections, commodities, hedge funds or futures contracts.

Assets – Assets are the things owned and controlled by an individual of company that have monetary value and can provide a benefit to their holders. They can be tangible or intangible, and different asset classes categorise different types. 

High Net Worth Individual (HNWI) – A term used to refer to a very wealthy individual. We’re talking millionaires!

Venture capitalists – This is a name for investors who put their money into new businesses and technologies. It’s the classic Dragon’s Den concept; they spot an idea that has the potential to be a great success, but are still taking a risk by investing. The shares in the company they take are therefore usually pretty high to make sure they see a worthwhile return on their investment. 

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