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Technology Stereotype Breaker

What do you think technology means in the financial world? Could it involve a heck of a lot on time on your own, just you and your computer in a nerdy haven, tapping away in coding languages?

Technology in banking and finance can be a bit of an enigma to say the least. What is it that these professionals actually do?! And is it really the male-dominated industry that all the stereotypes imply?

Time to get with the programme…

Technology does more than just hold the business and finance sector together (in itself no mean feat!) – it actually drives it forward! ! The hardware, software, applications and technology solutions used in this industry are some of the most cutting edge out there. Make no mistake: if you work in this industry, you’ll be kept on your toes as you ensure the technology you develop and maintain stays ahead of the game in an extremely fast-paced industry.

Development, cyber security & more…

It’s fast-paced, constantly evolving, and you’ll have to sort out any problems as fast as you possibly can under pressure – an account could lose money for every minute the technology goes AWOL. With the many threats to information and the security to customers’ money posed by hackers in this modern age, it’s up to the technology specialists to combat these threats and protect businesses. This industry couldn’t be further from that grouchy IT guy with the hermit tendencies you remember from school!

Technology needs technical, tactful minds…

It’s true that a real talent and exceptional knowledge for things like computer programming languages and a wide variety in technical skills will is essential to do well in this field. But it’s not just about the development side of things. An ability to listen to end-user needs (those who use the product you develop) in order to tailor products accordingly, keep up with developments and explain things in a suitable way when things go wrong are a must. Furthermore, an understanding of banking and strong commercial awareness is crucial, so don’t expect to walk into this highly competitive industry without any experience or knowledge of the financial markets – use an internship wisely!

It’s true that only the applicants with top credentials and work experience will flourish in technology in banking and finance, particularly on top tier firms and investment banks. But don’t be fooled! It’s not just for graduates. There are school leaver options in the form of Higher Apprenticeships with some of the country’s biggest banking and financial institution organisations up for grabs too.

Many of the financial sector’s biggest movers and shakers are also working very hard to encourage more women to get into a technology career. They have special initiatives and run very open recruitment campaigns that welcome both male and female applicants from a number of backgrounds. It’s not just for the boys!

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