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Human Resources

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Industry Overview

What is human resources?

You’ll find a human resources (HR) department in practically every type of company that is large enough to require it. HR really is the glue that keeps the various departments of a company together!

There are plenty of things to be done in this sector. HR representatives could get involved with a whole manner of tasks: they may carry out payroll duties (or liaise with the in-house accountancy department if there is one who deals with this), a number of administration tasks, work as part of a team to devise and implement HR policies. 

Whenever there is a more serious issue within a team, a member of HR will usually get involved to handle internal complaints, mediate the situation and conduct the necessary checks and interviews to find out exactly what has gone on. 

Roles in HR extend to recruitment and further tasks regarding some legal issues too. These professionals may work with in-house legal teams on any employment law issues and communicate guidelines staff as necessary. Some even take legal qualifications such as an LLM in Employment Law and build up exceptional expertise in this area, which can be a massive advantage to their company.

As many a football side will tell you, if you lose your best players you’ll quickly slide down the league. The story is no different when it comes to business! Some roles in HR are dedicated to devising and implementing strategies to keep staff enjoying work and developing skills, such as with regular professional development and benefit packages. This investment in human capital (the notion of a combination of a workforce’s abilities, competencies and knowledge holding economic value for a company) means that a business will stand much more chance of achieving its overall goals.

As such, creativity, empathy and top notch organisational skills are essential traits for a HR professional. There are a number of qualifications to be gained in this industry, and it provides plenty of scope for career progression.   

Why is human resources important?

HR departments keep everything connected within a company. They are responsible for ensuring that staff are kept happy, professional development, and ensuring that obligations, for example regarding employment law, are upheld throughout the business. HR representatives are the ones who will source the best people in order that the organisation stands the best chance possible of achieving its overall business aims.

It’s essential for companies to have an internal port of call regarding more serious grievances staff members at any level may have. HR will get involved when there are any inquiries regarding conduct in the workplace or disciplinary action.  

Areas of human resources…

GeneralistIndividuals in this area are incredibly flexible and could get involved with pretty much any element of work in human resources.

Employee BenefitsThis area concerns the provision of benefits and rewards packages an employee is entitled to.

HR ConsultingHR departments are the glue that hold the many divisions of companies together, and hundreds of companies use HR consulting experts to keep their HR practices at optimal performance.

Talent Management Businesses need to hire, develop and keep hold of the best people for their company objectives; talent management job revolve around finding the right people with the right skills for their organisation and devising strategies to encourage them to perform at the top of their game.  

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