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Therefore, the importance of in-house financial teams within these companies is constantly growing. What you can expect within the IT industry is an innovative, ever-evolving approach to finance which is both challenging and exciting, and will span a range of duties across a whole host of departments. 

In-house finance in the technological sector: typical projects…

There are so many different elements of technology in business these days that the projects across the industry are completely different from company to company, but you can expect to see some of the classic financial services in the core of most business models. Accountancy, treasury reporting and tax duties are important to every company – and it’s almost always the finance team who are responsible for making sure that the company gets all its paperwork done efficiently and that the financial regulations for businesses are met time and time again, which is tricky because they’re constantly changing! On top of this though, the projects you can expect to be working on really depend on what time of company you’re working for – innovative businesses who create new products will expect their financial teams to oversee the profit margins and make sure that product development strategies are viable, whereas companies who focus more on developing traditional technological models will need more financial support in finding innovative ways to make bigger profits from soft or hardware that has already been rolled out.  There’s no limit to what you can become involved in! Opportunities in technology-based in-house finance roles can be open to graduates from any degree discipline, and it is thought that relevant degrees to the company’s discipline can be seen as being just as valuable as those in the traditional accounting, finance or economics degrees, so if you’re in a course that revolves around something outside of numbers and want an inroad to the financial world, this could be it!

Possible career paths…

Graduate schemes are more readily available in this field than in somewhere like law because there is a whole host of different avenues where these companies can exist – technology is a huge section of the market these days. The good news is that in-house finance for technology can give you a huge variety of options for your career, because as well as learning the basics of financial services, your knowledge of and comfort with the latest developments in innovation will be a great asset to all sorts of companies. The graduate schemes available with many companies are often also combined with another qualification, so that many employees often are accredited by the time their first scheme has concluded. Top Finance Managers and Controllers are almost always counted amongst the Executive Board Members of companies in this sector so there is plenty of room to climb up the ladder and reach the corporate heights in the technology field if you are willing to work hard and be consistently interested in the developments within it! So if you’re a technophile, love new developments and want to be involved in the future, this could be the career path for you!

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