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Industry Overview

What is consulting?

Consulting is all about helping companies to run like clockwork, grow, and develop to become leaders in their markets. Just imagine how complicated processes, operations and decisions can get within huge multinational companies…

Managers at all levels of a business can find themselves under pressure from various demands from different departments and overlapping business objectives. It’s the job of specialist consultants to come to the rescue and be a guiding light for businesses – no cape, lycra and underwear-over-trousers necessary!

A consultant spends time on a client site conducting objective analysis according to their specialist area. The aim is to untangle what is going on in with a particular aspect or several aspects of a business, find the root of any potential problems and assess the risks of existing processes and practices. From this analysis these experts will then come up with pragmatic, achievable solutions in order to solve problems and help a department and/or business as a whole become more efficient, productive, and ultimately more successful. They need to be able to communicate both their findings and solutions to their clients in a comprehensive, yet clear way. Business saviours to say the least!

Consultants must be able to think from each client’s perspective and provide flexible solutions to suit each one, as each business faces its own unique challenges and has its own problems to be solved. Though their analysis can often cover all levels of a business, consultants most often liaise with senior management and the people who make the big decisions in a company, especially when it comes to areas such business strategy and investment.

Consulting experts may even be present at the inception of the development of new products and work closely with the relevant individuals, teams and departments to help create something which is both financially viable and geared towards success within a particular industry.

Why is consulting important?

The prime aim of every business is to make as much profit as efficiently as possible, and a good old voice of reason based on facts and expert knowledge is by far the best tonic to help make that happen. This makes consultancy exceptionally important for businesses across all industries.  

In order to be top dogs in their markets, consultants help businesses to stay on top of the latest developments in their industry and act accordingly. Objectivity, clear thinking and tailored expertise are all essential to ensure organisations can keep up with rapid industry progress or an economic crisis, and an informed external opinion and advice is an invaluable insight to help steer them in the right direction.  

The variation offered by a career in consultancy and the opportunity to become a sought-after beacon of expertise makes this sector a highly desirable career option for graduates.

Areas of consulting…

StrategyConsultants in this area work at the top level of a business with the decision makers to help them juggle demands and potential investment options, and balance them in light of possible risks to achieve their overall business aims.

IT ConsultingModern businesses need to utilise information technology as effectively as possible to keep up with the ever-evolving nature of today’s industries.

Investment ConsultingFocusing purely on investments as part of an overall business strategy, expert consultants in this field with conduct extensive research and analysis of investment options and risks and advise their clients accordingly in line with their business goals.

Business ConsultingThe name of the game here is to provide effective advice to help clients make as much profit as they can.

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