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LinkedIn ‘Buzzword Bingo’ Warning


As  professional networking site LinkedIn anticipates update action aplenty this January for thousands of LinkedIn users looking for a new job, they’ve given the heads up on the top ten buzzwords in use on the site that could mean you run the risk of being lost in the crowd.

LinkedIn ‘Buzzword Bingo’ Warning

A LinkedIn profile can play a big part in helping you to build up a personal brand, and standing out with a personalised, unique profile is key.

LinkedIn have released the top ten most common buzzwords in use on the site. You may want to steer clear of these little nuggets and give some real thought into how you can present your experience which best reflects your personality and professionalism.


Top ten LinkedIn Buzzwords

  1.  Motivated
  2.  Creative
  3. Enthusiastic
  4. Passionate
  5.  Track record
  6. Driven
  7. Extensive experience
  8. Wide range
  9. Responsible
  10. Strategic

By Jos Weale, Editor,