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What is a Professional Qualification

Funny you should ask! It just so happens that we’ve got a bunch of articles to answer that very question. You’ll be an expert on professional qualifications in no time at all.

The Importance of Professional Qualifications in the Finance Industry

By Jos Weale, Editor,

No matter what the area, you’ll find that a vast majority of graduate programmes in the finance industry include study for a professional qualification. Why are they so important in this day and age? Regulation, regulation, regulation As...

What is a Professional Qualification?

By Jos Weale, Editor, All About Finance Careers

As you delve intrepidly into your journey to become a business and finance extraordinaire (industry choice at your discretion), you will no doubt at some point come up against a curious thing: a professional qualification. Isn’t it enough to be...

Chartered Banker

Interested in a banking career? Chartered Banker status is the professional seal of approval for your banking knowledge and abilities. Here’s more… What is Chartered Banker status? Chartered Banker status is a globally recognised professional...

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