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Wrap your head around the MBA. What is it? What does it involve? How can it help your career?

4 ways an MBA can enhance your career

By James Riches, Manchester Metropolitan University

If you’re trying to get ahead of the competition in the business world, an MBA could be just what you need. You’ll learn new skills, gain confidence and get to know people with the same passion for business as you. Many potential students are...

5 Reasons to Do an MBA

By Jack J Collins, Editor,

The MBA is the big daddy of finance qualifications, the behemoth of industry standard. It’s expensive though, like, really expensive. But is it worth it? Here’s five reasons why it could be for you: 1) University You can study the MBA at almost...


By Jos Weale, Editor, All About Finance Careers

Ah yes, the MBA. Notoriously and reassuringly expensive. This, we know. But what does an MBA actually involve? What’s an MBA? An MBA is the Master in Business Administration: a master’s course business administration. This particular...

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