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Get all the info on the CFA. What is it? What does it involve? How can it help your career?

CFA exams and the doors they open

By Jack J Collins, Editor,

There’s three different stages to CFA exams, as you well know, but what do you gain from doing CFA III over CFA II? Here’s our handy guide to helping you understand just what it is that each exam offers to you and the industry options that become...

CFA: What Next?

If you’ve finished your CFA, then congratulations. If you’re just starting, then best of luck. It’s going to be a tough old road, but you’ll get there. Either way, you’re probably wondering where the CFA leaves you after you’re done. We thought...

5 Reasons To Undertake the CFA Charter

By Jack J Collins, Editor,

The merits of the CFA Charter as opposed to an MBA qualification have been widely debated, but at the end of the day, it’s a personal preference. Here are 5 reasons why the CFA might be a better choice for you! 1) Affordable The cost of doing a...

What is CFA?

CFA stands for ‘Chartered Financial Analyst’. This is a professional qualification that’s tailored towards the high fliers in the investment industry. It’s an industry benchmark for skills and integrity in practice.  The professional body that...


By Jos Weale, Editor, All About Finance Careers

Think you could be a future investment supremo? Best find out more about the CFA then! What’s the CFA? The CFA qualification is recognised worldwide. It stands for Chartered Financial Analyst, and arms those who obtain it with the knowledge...

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