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  • AccountancySponsored by:  What is accountancy? Accountancy is all about...More
  • ActuarialWhat is the actuarial industry? The main focus for professionals in...More
  • Asset ManagementWhat is asset management? An asset is classed as either tangible or...More
  • ConsultingWhat is consulting? Consulting is all about helping companies to run...More
  • Financial Planning & AdviceWhat is financial planning & advice? The last thing that individuals...More
  • Financial AnalysisWhat is financial analysis? In the financial analysis domain you’ll...More
  • Human ResourcesWhat is human resources? You’ll find a human resources (HR) department...More
  • InfrastructureWhat is infrastructure? Imagine a big football match or a West End...More
  • Insurance & Risk ManagementWhat is insurance & risk management? The transfer and management of...More
  • Investment BankingWhat is investment banking? Investment banking is essentially all...More
  • PensionsWhat is the pensions industry? A pension is a contract which will...More
  • Retail BankingWhat is retail banking? Everyone will come into contact with retail...More
  • TaxWhat is the tax industry? The Tax Industry Why don't high taxes and...More
  • TechnologyWhat is technology in banking & finance? The days when all business...More
  • Wealth ManagementWhat is wealth management? As the term rather aptly suggests, wealth...More
  • Finance (In-house)What is in-house finance? An in-house finance department takes care of...More


  • I can solve problems More
  • I can build relationships More
  • I can be very persuasive More
  • I'm tech savvy More
  • I can make important decisions More
  • I can lead a team More
  • I can adapt to different challenges More

Job Type

  • Client FacingClient facing roles in accountancy, finance and banking are the ones on...More
  • TechnologyTo the untrained eye, technology in finance could still perhaps easily...More
  • AdvisoryAdvisory roles are indispensable in the world of finance! When running...More
  • Back Office (a.k.a. Operations)Back office refers to sections of an office (it mostly refers to a...More
  • Maths & StatisticsMaths and statistics are essential tools in business. It’s a bit of a...More
  • ResearchWhether it’s company research for potential new investments, industry...More
  • AnalysisPlenty of areas in banking and finance provide roles with a good dose...More
  • Customer ServiceAre you a helpful sort? Do you enjoy the little warm feeling you get...More
  • StrategyWithout strategy in place, businesses would, quite simply, fall flat as...More

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