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I can solve problems


Problem solvers are logical thinkers – and all decisions in business have to be steeped in logic. Without the right kind of planning and guidance things could turn rather grim!

If you’ve got the ability to solve problems, you could go far in banking, finance and accountancy roles. Check out the kinds of areas you could work in…

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All roles within accountancy require an aptitude for problem solving. If you’re conducting an audit for example, you will have to find out why figures that should balance out don’t; you could provide advice on best practice for a client’s existing accounting processes; you could even have to don your Sherlock cap to delve into at times years’ worth of financial information to solve a case in accounting forensics and fraud. It’s logical, it’s number-orientated and it also requires strong communication skills to get to the bottom of a puzzling situation in the accounts.


If you’re a star with numbers and love the buzz of solving mathematical puzzles (who doesn’t?!) then the tricky numerical conundrums involved in the tax sector could make this just the right career for you.  But it’s not just to do with figures: tax advisory roles combine skills with numerical problem solving with an in-depth knowledge of tax law and compliance issues. Tax advisers must combine this knowledge with their calculations to find the right solutions for their clients.

Problem solving skills within tax could even take you into tax investigation roles with HMRC, in which you can sniff out tax avoidance perpetrators.


Consultants are the ultimate gurus in their fields of expertise; businesses quite literally turn to them to solve their problems. It’s like having an omniscient Yoda-type figure in the boardroom…except their advice is grounded in a lot more research, commercial awareness and statistics…and is probably much more grammatically correct. Consultants work to solve problems for their clients every day to help make them more efficient in some way or to help them find new ways and methods of achieving their business and financial goals.

Customer Services

From call centres to bank branches, customer services roles across retail banking and private banking require strong problem solving abilities. It means thinking on your feet to help customers and clients with any query or problem they have. In addition, in retail banking branch managers need to find ways to help their staff to help them hit their targets.

Financial Planning & Advice

Financial planners and financial advisers have the task of advising clients in the best ways to manage and grow their money. They’ll listen carefully to what they want to achieve in the future with their finances and crack the code on the best way for their clients to achieve their aims. Each client has their own needs, so financial planners and financial advisers have to be pretty flexible and able to think out of the box when it comes problem solving.

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