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I can build relationships


The charming, charismatic, gregarious types amongst you could find the perfect fit within banking and finance. If you’re intuitive to what people want and you have a knack for building up rapport with new people, then the following areas could be well worth a look…

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Human Resources

It’s the job of the human resources crowd at each firm to ensure employees’ needs and concerns are addressed fully and appropriately. HR generalists, employee benefits specialists and talent management specialists constantly have to flex their people skills to ensure employees’ needs and concerns are addressed effectively and appropriately. These guys are the glue that keeps everyone communicating and working together well within a company. Intuition, sensitivity and discretion are paramount!


Whatever their specialist area, consultants have to possess fantastic relationship building skills. They are often based on site with the client, sometimes for a number of weeks or months at a time, so it’s really important that they can develop strong working bonds with various representatives at the firm. It can be challenging to have to tell senior members of staff that the methods and systems they have in place perhaps aren’t the best; by developing solid relationships, when it comes to the crunch good consultants are able to do this effectively without making things awkward and risking the connection with the client. Relationship building skills in consulting also help to win over new business too! 

Relationship Management

Relationship management in investment banking is all about listening carefully to what the client needs and providing top-notch advisory services on the right kinds of services for them. Relationship managers are on the front line, winning over new clients and maintaining relationships for the bank. If they are unsuccessful in listening to what the client wants and keeping up communications then it could be really damaging, so the gift of the gab, attention to detail and a natural intuition for business all have to come into play. Fancy networking events can also feature here!

Wealth Management

Areas of wealth management such as fiduciary services or private banking can involve some highly sensitive and confidential subjects, for example dealing with successor issues for estates and inheritance following death. Strong relationship building abilities are therefore essential. Fiduciaries and financial advisers need to be able to install trust in their services, whether it’s through one-on-one with the client or with their various financial or legal representatives, to handle these issues in the right way. Clients will often be exceptionally wealthy, and sometimes in the public eye, so discretion is also key. If there is a lack of trust between an adviser in wealth management and then the client could be lost!

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