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I can be very persuasive


The fine art of persuasion is difficult to master. If you’re trying to get something to swing your way, it can be tricky to get it right without charging in there like a bull in a china shop or an overzealous Apprentice contestant. There’s a delicate balance between winning someone over and putting them off completely!

In business and finance there are plenty of roles for the persuasive types. Without people who can sell and negotiate effectively, businesses and banks quite simply wouldn’t get very far! And contrary to Jordan Belfort’s lessons in persuasion in The Wolf of Wall Street, integrity in the way it’s done is mega important. The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) keeps their beady eye on financial services providers to regulate standards and make sure everything is above board.

If you’re naturally persuasive, then you could really use the force in this industry; the ability to be persuasive will be hugely advantageous in almost any area. You must be able to work the charm in person and over the phone and email – no mean feat! Let’s see if you can be persuaded by these options in finance…

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Broker Account Management

Brokers have the challenge of selling new products and services to new and existing clients. An insurance broker, for example, has to sell insurance packages and use all of their persuasive prowess firstly to convince customers to take on an insurance package, and then to negotiate premiums between the insurance provider and customer.

Retail Banking

In many ways, advisers in retail banks are effectively salespeople. One of their aims is to sell the bank’s products and services to existing customers and potential new customers, though this has to be done in a way that will be advantageous for the customer as well. Part of a telephone adviser role involves ‘cold calling’: they ring up customers to make the aware of other services available to them and aim to get them interested in this way. A personable character is essential – particularly over the phone! 

Investment Banking

Sales is also a huge division within investment banking. It’s up to the salespeople to act as the middlemen between their in-house traders and the clients who are interested in buying from or selling to the bank. The clients could be representatives of private investors, or fund managers. The sales guys need to utilise their tact and charisma to the max to ensure both sides get a price they’re happy with! They need to be extremely knowledgeable, sensitive and sophisticated in their approach.


Think you could deliver a killer pitch to put the Apprentice bunch and Dragon’s Den amateurs to shame? Consultancies have specialist professionals who will source and attempt to win new business.

In investment consulting, for example, the name of the game is to show potential new clients how the services and strategies the consultancy can offer will bring them great returns on their investments.

And for the creative types…

Alternatively, you could also put your persuasive panache into action in a marketing role for a bank or financial services provider. 

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