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I can adapt to different challenges


When we say challenges, we’re not exactly talking Man vs. Food, Robson Green’s Extreme Fishing or a hike up Kilimanjaro (although plenty of employers in the finance industry run social and charity events with their employees, so let’s not write off the latter challenge completely!)

The world of finance poses plenty of challenges; just look at how the financial markets can chop and change in an instance – and that’s just for starters! In just about any role in any area you can expect to have to think on your feet every now and then outside of your comfort zone, and in some cases on a regular basis! So do you deal with changes well? Can you pick up new skills quickly and think outside the box to solve problems you may not have encountered before?  Then see if you fancy taking on any of these challenging roles… 

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Loss Adjustment

Loss adjustors are the detectives of the insurance world. Okay, it’s not quite Benedict Cumberbatch territory, but you’ll certainly have to adapt to lots of different cases and working environments in this role. Loss adjustors investigate insurance claims at the scene and conduct the necessary research and interviews to make sure that the legitimate, and to evaluate damages in order to estimate the insurance pay out required. As a loss adjustor you’ll find yourself out on the road quite a bit, and you’ll never quite know what you’ll find before you get to each new site!


If you’re tech savvy with a great ability for adapting to new challenges, then banking technology, infrastructure or technology consulting could be for you! Constantly evolving technologies pose plenty of new cyber security issues to crack and defend against, and as companies merge and grow their technology experts have to possess the knowledge and imagination to unite different networks and provide new solutions and software to meet business needs.   

Mergers & Acquisitions

From M&A accounting and corporate finance to technology, there’s nothing like a good old merger or acquisition to pose new challenges! When a company looks to unite with another or buy it and incorporate it into its own current business, there are an incredible amount of processes to consider before, during and after the transaction. Each case will have its own different elements to consider, so this could be just the ticket if you’re good at handling new challenges.


Trading is notorious as a high pressure, stressful kind of job; and that’s a challenge in itself. If you’re not afraid of that though, you might just thrive in an area which allows you to tailor your strategies to your personality and risk management skills. There is an element of risk in trading, no matter how much you prepare and stick to your strategy, so there is also the challenge of recovering effectively if you lose money instead of making it. Not for the faint-hearted; a no-fear, yet rational approach is necessary!

Human Resources

HR professionals could be faced with a whole manner of different challenges to tackle each day. In this area you’ll have to conquer new challenges frequently that concern employees on a professional and sometimes personal level. As each employee is unique, it can be quite difficult to predict reactions to developments in a business which a HR department will have to enforce, such as new compliance regulations or performance review and appraisal procedures, so HR representatives have to be prepared for anything. Some areas can be quite sensitive, such as mediation of complaint investigations or employee dismissal cases.

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