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Types of Business

Looking for a career in finance? You could work for loads of different types of businesses. Find out more about your options right here, right now.

What type of business would suit me?

By Jos Weale

The world of business is a big place, and to find your place in it you’re going to have to think hard about the type of business that would best suit you for your career. Each type of finance firm has its own type of culture. It’s all very well...

Why work for an SME?

By Jack J Collins

What is an SME? If you’ve been looking into the business and financial world, you’ll almost certainly have come across the acronym "SME". SME stands for "Small and Medium Enterprises", and this is defined differently across the world. In the UK,...

Why work for a global finance firm?

By Jack J Collins

Global finance firms are amongst the biggest companies in the world, with the top companies making billions per year in revenue. Global finance firms include insurance, banking and investment services firms. There’s also the professional services...

Is a career in credit control right for you?

Niamh Spence

Debt collection and credit control might not initially appear the most glamorous positions to work in, but they can offer great rewards and are an excellent fit for those looking to use their financial knowledge and problem-solving...

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