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Soft Skills

From communication skills to self-confidence, soft skills are essential for all aspiring finance professionals to acquire and develop. Find out more about improving your soft skills and how they can help you progress below.

How can I develop my soft skills for a finance job?

By Nathan Ladd

“Soft skills” is a pretty misleading name; for most, developing them can be as hard as it gets. Getting a job in finance is no longer solely dependent on your technical expertise, analytical skills, and education—although these are still...

What soft skills will I need in investment banking?

Want to get into investment banking? Sure, you’re going to need the technical skills and a deep understanding of the financial markets, but to make a career in this field, you’re going to need something else to give you the edge—and that’ll be...

What are soft skills?

By Jos Weale

Soft skills are all the rage when it comes employability. Simply put, the finance industry wants more than the top brain boxes out there. In order to be successful, you’re able to do more than just get top marks in exams. If you want to work in...

What soft skills will I need as a trainee accountant?

By Jos Weale

Soft skills probably aren’t the first thing that pops into your head when you think about the kinds of skills you’ll need as a trainee accountant. Ability in maths and logic is obvious; but when it comes to soft skills we’re talking about the way...

Networking tips from the top

By Jack J Collins

There’s loads of events where you’ll do your chances of employment no harm by networking effectively. In order to do so though, you’ll need to follow a few key steps to make sure that you’re going about things in the right way. 1) Research Find...

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