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Interview Tips

Interviews are nothing to get worked up about. Whether you’re being interviewed for an internship, an apprenticeship or a graduate job, we’ve got a whole bunch of tips to get you prepped and ready to tackle that finance interview.

How to succeed in a banking competency interview

By Josh Hartley

One common interview style within the banking and financial services industry is the competency-based interview. The interviewers will ask you to give an example of when you displayed a certain skill or behaviour (e.g. an example of when you have...

Five tips for an interview in the finance sector

By Jos Weale

Know your achievements, and don’t forget to unleash them! It’s no good assuming that just because your interviewer has read your CV there is no need to talk about the achievements you have on there. Work ethic and teamwork capabilities are...

How to research a company for a finance job interview

By Jos Weale

Fail to arm yourself with sufficient research on a company for a finance job at your peril! If you manage to reach the interview stage in banking, finance and accountancy then you’ve done incredibly well. Your interviewers are going to be on the...

What not to say in a graduate finance job interview

There are some things you could fall into the trap of doing in graduate finance job interviews that really won’t do you any favours. Giving it the big "I am" Those stereotypes you see across the media of a typical City professional don’t really...

7 possible questions in a graduate finance job interview

By Jack J Collins

So, you’ve got to interview? Congratulations—you’re closer than ever to securing that position. But, hold your horses; the biggest test is yet to come. The interview is one of the hardest parts of the whole process, but here about...

Tips for a finance interview as a school leaver

By Jack J Collins

So the chances are that this is your first set of job interviews, if not your first ever interview, but it’s cool—it’s all going to be great and you should be excited. The interview gives you a chance to work out what the company can offer you as...

4 questions to ask in a banking interview

By Jack J Collins

So, you’ve got to interview—you’ve nailed the questions they’ve asked you, charmed the partners, got all the mathematics right and generally smashed it, so the job’s yours right? Not necessarily. The last part of the interview, and arguably one...

A four-part-guide to nailing body language in an interview

By Jack J Collins

So, you’ve read our handy guides on how to answer questions properly, ask the best questions yourself, and generally impress your potential employers. The last piece of the puzzle, and one that lets lots of people down, is making sure their...

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