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Internship Advice

Internships are one of the most important steps towards securing a career in finance. But how do you get an internship? And how do you impress employers when you’re actually doing your internship? Find the answers to these questions and more below.

4 Ways to Screw Up an Internship

By Jack J Collins, Editor,

So, you’ve got yourself an internship, hey? Congratulations! But obviously you don’t really want that lucrative job at the end of the road, do you? Here’s our top four ways to screw up your internship and get the whole thing completely wrong.

How to Research Banking Internships

By Jack J Collins, Editor,

So, you want to be a banker? The first step is to decide what kind of banking you’re interested in and find out what kind of options are available to you within that particular field. Check out our pages on Investment Banking and Retail Banking...

What to Expect in a Finance Internship Interview

By Jos Weale, Editor,

Bagged yourself a finance internship interview for a top firm? Top work! If you succeed in earning a place on an internship programme, your chances of a graduate job in finance will be significantly improved. Fact. So no pressure or anything,...

How Can I Impress on a Finance Internship?

If you’ve secured a place on a finance internship, then top work. This is one sure fire way of gaining exactly the right kind experience you’ll need to take on a finance career. Providing you make the best of it! Top performing interns could well...

How Do I Apply for a First Year Internship in Finance?

By Jos Weale, Editor,

You can apply for a first year internship in finance when you’re in your first year of your Bachelor’s degree (surprise, surprise, eh?!) or in either your first or second year if you’re on a four-year course.  Some of these schemes are still...

How to Make the Most of a Finance Internship

By Jos Weale, Editor,

Securing a finance internship is a bit of a milestone. It’s your first real hands-on insight into how things really work within a finance firm, professional services firm or bank, and what’s more, it could set you really well for a graduate...