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Assessment Centre

Many firms now favour assessment centres over traditional interview formats. Find out what to expect from an assessment centre and how to ace each aspect of the assessment process below.

Assessment Centre – What are Psychometric Tests

By Jack J Collins, Editor,

Psychometric tests are becoming increasingly used by graduate recruiters to filter their selection process down at any given stage in the recruitment process, and you’ll almost certainly have done one before at some stage in your life, although...

Assessment Centre – Delivering the Presentation

By Jack J Collins, Editor,

Perhaps the most daunting element of an assessment centre for many is the presentation which many employers want you to give as part of the exercises. Whether it’s a solo or a group presentation, there’s some basic rules that you should follow in...

Assessment Centre – Group Exercises

By Jack J Collins, Editor,

Group exercises have become a mainstay of any graduate assessment centre because they allow you to be examined on various skills at once. Here’s our handy guide on how to knock the group exercise out of the park, and how to know what the...

Assessment Centre – 4 Graduate Expectations

By Jack J Collins, Editor,

So you’ve been invited to an assessment centre and you’re there amongst hundreds of other graduates. These days are slightly different to the assessment centres for school leavers, and whilst some of these points might be rudimentary and obvious...

Assessment Centre: The Written Word

By Jack J Collins, Editor,

Part of most assessment centres these days is a written element, where you’ll be tested on your ability to communicate via email or letter, in a clear, professional and logical manner. Here’s our guide to nailing this obstacle and getting...

Assessment Centres: Social Etiquette

By Jack J Collins, Editor,

You can prepare for all aspects of an assessment centre in terms of how you come across to your employer professionally, but there are more human elements to the day as well – simple things like lunchtime and drinks breaks. Socialising in a work...

What to Expect from an Assessment Centre as a School Leaver

By Jos Weale, Editor,

The idea of an assessment centre may well send a wee shiver down your spine. The phrase sounds downright scary. But if you’re applying for a school leaver programme, sponsored degree or Higher Apprenticeship with a professional services firm or...

Top Five Tips for the Assessment Centre

By Jos Weale, Editor,

Ominous as it sounds, the assessment centre, which forms a crucial recruitment stage for a large majority of school leaver and graduate business and finance roles, really shouldn’t have you quaking in your shiny little interview-best shoes. This...